PacificSouthwest Regional

April 6th thru April 12th

Pacific Southwest Regional Regional Website

Mark your bridge calendars for the 75th annual Pacific Southwest Regional: April 6-12. The Town & Country Resort & Convention Center will be hosting us for the 51st and last time in its beautiful venue.

The schedule features pairs and team events each day. There are also four-session KOs starting on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Gold Rush Pairs run Tuesday through Saturday, while Open Pairs run every day including the Monday Charity Pairs, Friday IMP Pairs, and Sunday Fast Pairs. Bracketed teams are on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

District 22 GNT Finals

The district finals to earn the right to compete in the GNT at the Summer NABC in Montreal, Canada will be held at the Town & Country Hotel April 9-11 during the Pacific Southwest Regional. Flight A (0-6000 MPs) and Flight C (NLMs with less than 500 MPs) competitions will be on Thursday, April 9 and Friday, April 10. The Open Championship Flight (no MP limitation) and Flight B (0-2500 MPs) will be on Friday, April 10, and Saturday, April 11. Game times coincide with the Pacific Southwest Regional schedule, 10:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. Complete information on the Grand National Teams can be accessed by using the link GNT

RoadRunner NLM Regional

March 5th thru March 8th

Duncan Bridge Center

Palm Desert

RoadRunner Regional Flyer

District 22 will host its 5th Non-Life Master Regional the first week in March. This tournament, for new and advancing players, provides them the opportunity for gold points while competing against their peers with similar rank. All 0-750s are welcome! Contact: Nancy Erickson 760-200-0265 or at with any questions.

SoCal WrapUp

Thank you for attending the SoCal Winter Regional!

By Lamya Agelidis

2020 Tournament Chair

We didn’t know what to expect - we had all been pining at the loss of our winter venue in Riverside. Being right downtown, within walking distance of restaurants and hotels, our Riverside tournament was certainly an attraction to the locals. Going into the week of our inaugural SoCal Winter Regional, hotel reservations were stable but that’s not necessarily an indicator of attendance so we just had to keep our fingers crossed and wait… I’m happy to report that we finished the week with 1355 tables, 32 tables over the previous year’s table count in Riverside. read more ...

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Continuation of WrapUp

Interestingly enough, the attendance didn’t follow the expected bell curve that our District tournaments usually experience. Typically, we start slow on Monday, peak mid-week (Wednesday and Thursday) and taper off Friday and Saturday, finishing off with a predictable lower count on Sunday. Well, the SoCal Winter Regional exhibited a different profile - Our lower days were Tuesday and Thursday, and our popular days were Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, each up by over 20%! It didn’t take much analysis to determine the cause for the spikes. Players came out in throngs to participate in the Bracketed Team events on those days, and introduction of a 4th Bracketed Team event to the schedule undoubtedly contributed to our increased attendance.

Ron Lien, my co-chair, and I hope you had an enjoyable time, it was a pleasure to host you at the Hilton Costa Mesa. We continue to be especially grateful to all our volunteers and to our Director staff led by DIC McKenzie Myers, who contributed many hours of their time to make this a District 22 success.

Our favorite partnership chair, Art Linderman, had to cancel his post last minute due to family health issues so we thank Gale Senter, Wei Pei, Faye Phillips and Nancy Erickson for jumping in to the rescue and filling in many partnership requests. Lucia Teulecke enjoyed meeting you all at Hospitality and handing out our tournament applique, candies to give you an energy boost and pointing you in the right direction. Our maroon and yellow T-shirt as well as our blue tote bag prizes seemed popular this year. Hard working Subba Ravipudi and Linda White handed out a Congrats with a smile, and a prize of your choice. Marjorie Michelin put on a fabulous I/N program with her daily morning Q&A sessions, and a cast of midday speakers that hopefully left you in awe! No tournament can be successful without all the background moving parts. Caddiemaster Christina Itabashi was a delight as usual, running around, moving boards, handing candy, and generally keeping the venue tidy.

Looking forward to seeing you again next year, Feb 1- Feb 7, 2021. We want to build up attendance at this Regional. We’re open to hear your constructive suggestions as to how we can make this tournament even better. Email either of us at or