Pacific Southwest Regional

The next regional on the District 22 calendar will be held in San Diego during Easter Week, March 29-April 5. The Tournament Manager, Bill Grant, has arranged a full week of bridge activities for us to enjoy. The event will be held at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center. As usual there will be an excellent Novice/Intermediate program run by Maritha Pottenger.

All the results of the game will be posted on Jay Whipple's FastResults shortly after the conclusion of the game. You can access FAST RESULTS and also view the Daily Bulletin on-line by visiting either the D22 website, or the Regional Website. See the Regional Website for more information.

Riverside Regional Feb 2-9, 2015

D22 resumed its wonderful Regional in its regular time slot at the newly remodeled Riverside Convention Center. Thanks to Ken Monzingo, the Convention Center agreed to continue to provide free parking for bridge players. We had over 1460 tables for the week, similar to what we had before the remodeling of the Convention Center. A number of Grand Life Masters and world renowned players attended this popular Regional in sunny Riverside when other parts of the country were covered with snow from several storms.

There were 3 tournament hotels - Marriott, Mission Inn, and Hyatt - with the bridge rate rooms all sold out long before the Tournament. Several blocks of the walking promenade allowed players to walk to numerous restaurants of all price ranges. Everyone enjoyed the daily hospitality with bagels, bakery, and the all important coffee!

Lots of Gold points were awarded, along with nice section top awards, and several players attained the Life Master status-Phil Calloway, West Hills, Faye Phillips, Fullerton, and Sharon Gabriel, La Jolla, Linda Legare & Jerry Caine. Congratulations to ALL!

The Tournament staff (Teri Atkinson, Ken Monzingo, Jan Wickersham, Ann Cressman, Maritha Pottenger) and the Tournament Director staff (Nancy Boyd, Arleen Harvey, Patty Holmes, Peter Knee, Jean Molnar, Brandon Sheumaker) and our caddies led by Caddie Chairperson, Leslie Williams-Heid, ensured the tournament ran smoothly the entire week. Maritha ran the Intermediate/Newcomer Program featuring the "Boot camp" lessons, ask an expert desk, learning hands, guest speakers between sessions, and cookies

All the results of the game were posted on Jay Whipple's FastResults shortly after the conclusion of the game. You can access FAST RESULTS and also view the Daily Bulletin on-line by visiting the either the D22 website, or the Regional Website listed above.

The Spring NABC will be held in New Orleans March 12-22, 2015.

District 22 Officers for 2015

  • District Director - Ken Monzingo
  • President - David Lodge
  • Vice President - Teri Atkinson
  • Secretary - Mo Anvari
  • Treasurer - David Lodge
  • Member - John Kissinger
  • Member - Warren Cederborg
  • Member - Andrew Loh
  • Member - Ron Lien
  • Member - Bill Grant

Details about the responsibilities of the members can be found by clicking on the D22 Board tab at the left side of this page. Fran Schwartz retired at the end of 2014 after many years on the board. She also managed the Orange County Regional. Tell her thanks when you see her.

D22 Board Decisions

At the end of 2013, preceding the Palm Springs tournament, the Board of Directors decided to terminate our relationship with a sub-contractor and purchase our own tables, teams playing boards and cards, bidding boxes, table markers, stanchions, etc. These items are stored in San Diego. At the end of 2014, preceding the Palm Springs tournament, the Board of Directors made an additional decision to buy enough new sets of boards and cards that would allow us to provide all the necessary duplicate boards for the pairs events. We hope these decisions and actions not only help us financially long term, but also allows D22 to be in charge of all five of the D22 regionals and improve the quality & experience for all those who attend our tournaments!

New D22 "Blog" Site

We are trying out a site where are district members can post questions, comments, complaints, read about conventions etc. Since this is new and we haven't done this before, there will undoubtedly be many glitches. Hopefully you will find it of some use. To access it there is a button along the top menu bar labelled "D22 Blog Site".

GNT dates for 2015

GNT final for flights Open/B will be held on April 11-12.

GNT final for flights A/C will be held on May 30-31.

Both events will be held at the Dana Harbor Bridge Center.



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NYT Bridge Feeds

Spring North American Championships Winners

The American Contract Bridge League’s Spring North American Championships ended on Sunday.

Vanderbilt Knockout Teams Winners

The Vanderbilt Knockout Teams final was on Sunday, the last day of the Spring North American Championships in New Orleans.