The San Diego Regional

The tournament was a success with attendance of 1055 different players and 1693 tables.As usual the Masterpoint list was topped by a touring pros, but local San Diego Players Cameron Cotton and Greg House had nearly 90 points each. They were closely followed by Mark Perlmutter, Jason and Lynne Feldman. The tournament results are listed at

Western Conference Spring Fling XX STaC

Play at Your Favorite Club for Silver Points

May 5-12

Labor Day Regional

Start planning now for the next D22 tournament.

Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa

September 2-8, 2019

Labor Day Regional

Member Appreciation Program (MAP)

District 22's ACBL sanctioned clubs are invited to participate in MAP, an incentive program developed to provide a monetary award for recruiting and sustaining new players. A complete explanation of the program can be viewed here. To obtain the Agreement to Participate click here. Contact Debra Cameron for any questions at>.

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2019 GNT District 22 Finals

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