GNT Results

Open Flight Winners

Leo Bell, Warren Cederborg, Jay Helekar, AAron Jones

A Flight Winners

Jay Helekar, Xiao-Yan Gong, Sudheer Helekar, Weishu Wu

B Flight Winners

Sherman Gao, Shailesh Gupta, Harvey Jaffe, Kenny Pan, Dustin Stout

C Flight Winners

Michael Rainer, Barbara Quigley, Rose Reynolds, Robyn Grant

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2017 Spring NABC, Kansas City, MO

You can go to the ACBL website and view all the results of the Kansas City NABC. A summary of D22 players who placed in the NABC+ events are shown below. Kansas City masterpoint Winners

  • NAP A - 7th Phil Clayton & Rick Roeder, 19th Mark Itabashi & Weishu Wu
  • NAP B - 3rd Michael Kerr & Harvey Jaffe, 7th Shailesh Gupta & Kenny Pan
  • Lebhar IMP pairs - 12th Mark Itabashi & Peter Gelfand
  • Rockwell Mixed Pairs - 36th Henri Fahri & Maritha Pottenger
  • Leventritt Silver Pairs
    • 15th Henri Fahri & Norman Schwartz
    • Iftikhar Baqai & Jon King
    • 36th Marjorie Michelin & Craig Kavin
    • 40th Tom Trachuk & Rick Roeder
  • 0-10K Swiss
    • 6th Henri Fahri, Norman Schwartz, Maritha Pottenger & Kent Hartman
    • 17/18th Paul Darin, Mac Busby, David Abelow & Jim Russell
  • 0-10K KO - 3rd/4th Paul Darin, Mac Busby, David Abelow & Jim Russell
  • Silodor Open Pairs - 4th Peter Weichsel & Lynn Deas
  • Smith Women Pairs - 9th Majorie Michelin & K. Fung
  • NABC+ Fast Pairs
    • 3rd Iftikbar Baqai & Jon King
    • 4th Mark Perlmutter & Mitch Dunitz
    • 14th Norman Schwartz & Henri Fahri
    • 30th Leo Bell & Jeff Goldsmith
  • Jacoby Swiss - 13th Jason Feldman & Team
  • Vanderbilt - 9-16 Jason Feldman & Team

2017 Riverside Regional

Riverside,Ca Jan 30-Feb 5, 2017

D22 continued its wonderful Super Bowl Regional at the newly remodeled Riverside Convention Center where great bridge and great football merge! The Convention Center agreed to continue to provide free parking for all bridge players. We had 1359 tables in 2017, up from 1325 last year. People still had great things to say about the Convention Center. For most of the week, the weather was cooperative, like it usually is in California! Everyone enjoyed the daily hospitality with bagels, bakery, and the all-important coffee!

The tournament hotels - Marriott and Hyatt - had their bridge rate rooms all sold out long before the Tournament. Several blocks of the walking promenade allowed players to walk to numerous restaurants of all price ranges. There was even a Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.

On Thursday, there was a 2-session Swiss Team event including A/X and separate bracketed BCD Swiss, similar to a typical Sunday. Players were guaranteed to play 2-sessions and there was always a chance to win their section until the very end. There was a lot of positive feedback on this format. Lots of Gold points were awarded, along with nice section top awards - an insulated mug, bag or Super Bowl T-shirt with photos for the winners!

The Tournament staff (Ken Monzingo, Lamya Agelides, Mary Ann Braden, Maritha Pottenger) and the Tournament Director staff (Arleen Harvey, Nancy Boyd, Scott Campbell, Tom Ciacio, Patty Holmes, Peter Knee, Gary Zeiger) and our caddies led by Caddie Chairperson, Estrella Cortes, ensured the tournament ran smoothly the entire week. Maritha ran the Intermediate/Newcomer Program featuring the "Boot camp" lessons, ask an expert desk, learning hands, guest speakers between sessions, and cookies. Hospitality provided free $2 coupons each day, along with candy, and free lunch for players in Sunday Swiss and Fast Pairs.

Daily Bulletins were available but we reduced the number of print copies in an effort to save money as all the bulletins were available on-line everyday at the D22 website. All the results of the game were posted on Jay Whipple's FastResults and ACBL Live shortly after the conclusion of the game. You can access the results at /Riverside.

2017 Non Life Master Regional

Palm Springs, CA Jan 19-22, 2017

Now in our second year at the Palm Springs Pavillion, the tournament success demonstrates there is a large appetite for this limited type of tourney, and even the severe rain couldn't keep people away. While there were many excellent players, no one got "bitten by the sharks". Players remarked often about the pleasant atmosphere knowing that they were playing in a relatively equal field. Four days of play resulted in 481 tables, an increase of 29 from last year's initial event. Over 1300 points (lots of gold) were awarded to in excess of 400 players.

Unit 533, Palm Springs, supplied all the volunteer labor. Scott Magged acted as the Majordomo assisting us with planning and execution over several months. Carol Wilkinson, assisted by Carol McConnell, ran the partnership desk. Several other 533 members, most of them who are already Life Masters, kept the coffee, baked goods, fruit and candy flowing throughout the day. These volunteers helped in the preparation and serving of almost 500 lunches.

All in all, a great success! Several worthwhile suggestions for improvements will be reviewed and implemented if possible for the tournament in 2018 which is scheduled for January 18-21.

Nance and David Lodge, Co-Tournament Managers