Results of the GNT Competition

2016 Youth NABC

The 2016 Youth NABC will be held in Washington, DC on July 28-30, 2016. This national 3 day event is a wonderful opportunity for youth to compete with ACBL youth members from other states and foreign countries. Additional information about this special YNABC event can be found at: acbl juniors.

The District 22 Board of Directors in an effort to encourage attendance of its younger members will provide a $200.00 stipend to six (6) youth to attend. To qualify for the stipend youth members must compete in a minimum of three YNABC scheduled events.

To be eligible for the stipend prospective applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a member of good standing with ACBL
  • Be registered with the Education office at ACBL by July 1 at acbl juniors>
  • Complete and send the attached application by July 1 to:

Nancy Erickson

37805 Thurne Street, Indio, CA 92203

Phone No. and Fax No. 760-200-0265 please call before faxing


Pacific Southwest (SD) Regional

D22 again held its Pacific Southwest Regional at the Town & Country Hotel, within walking distance to a large shopping center, with plentiful restaurants of all kinds located nearby. We had a decline in table count for the week, as expected, due to its proximity to the Reno NABC which just occurred the previous week, but our room commitments were met.

Wednesday was "Jean Molnar day" and we had a moment of Silence for Jean who passed away the previous week. Jean was highly regarded as a Director and universally liked by all the players. Please refer to the Wed Daily Bulletin for a writeup on Jean.

Everyone enjoyed the daily hospitality with lots of candy, and that all important coffee! On Saturday, a hospitality was held with drinks and snacks. Lots of Gold points were awarded, along with nice section top awards, a T-shirt was one of the prizes.

The Tournament staff - Chairperson-Bill Grant, Co-Chairman-Lamya Agelides, Daily Bulletin-Ken Monzingo, I/N Program-Maritha Pottenger, Caddie Chairperson-Marge van Hemmert, Hospitality-the 5 Units of San Diego County, Partnership-Jim & Shay Andrews, Tournament Directors - Gary Zeiger(DIC), Daine Barton-Paine, Scott Campbell, Patty Holmes, Arleen Harvey, Ken Horwedel, Peter Knee, and Brandon Sheumaker Maritha's I/N Boot Camp - play free with a mentor, "Ask the Expert" desk, and her array of celebrity guest speakers including Mark Itabashi, Norman Schwartz, Marjorie Michelin, David Abelow, Joel Hoersch, Robert Todd, Donna Compton, and Paul Darin Thank you ALL for a job well done!

Results - All the results of the game were posted on Jay Whipple's FastResults shortly after the conclusion of the game. You can access the results and Daily Bulletin at the D22 website and going to "Regional Results" or by going to

Bidding Screens - The Pacific Southwest Regional has the Finals of Bracket I and II KOs behind bidding screens, just like national and international team events. The popular Fri IMP pairs and Sunday Bracketted BCD Swiss were back again. Each bracketted BCD Swiss flight awards gold points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Reno NABC Mar 10 to Mar 20, 2016

The Reno NABC had about 12000 tables, typical for a spring NABC, played in 3 casino/hotels all connected by an indoor walkway with many restaurants and of course many slot machines. Many of the top players competed in the Vanderbilt KO for the right to represent the US in International events.

D22 had more than 250 attendees in Reno with many performing well at the National (and International) level.

Top 3 MP attained by D22 members

  • 83.39 Paul Darin, San Diego
  • 81.13 Bruce Ferguson, Palm Springs
  • 81.13 Robert Hollman, Santa Barbara
Other notable D22 top finishes in National events as published in the Daily Bulletin:
  • <10K Swiss - 5th place - Maritha Pottenger, Bill Grant, Kit Humphrey, Henri Fahri
  • <10K KO - 2nd place - Paul Darin, Mac Busby, Sam Madison-Jammal, Leon Fisher
  • Mixed Pairs - 15th - Vicki Lerner & Mark Itabashi
  • Leventritt Silver - 22nd - Warren Cederborg & James Slinger
  • Lebhar IMP pairs - 18th - Aaron Jones & Jay Helekar
  • Silodor pairs - 20th - Wei Shu Wu & Ethan Liu
  • NABC Fast Pairs - 9th - Brandon Sheumaker & Om Chokriwala
  • Women Smith Life Master - 23rd - Xiaoxiu Walker & Debbie Gailfus
  • Go the ACBL Reno website to see all the results and daily bulletins