GNT Results

Results for the Open Flight and Flight B can be found here

Fast Regional Results

D22 is using a new site for results at Regionals. Results are advertised to be posted almost immediately after the game. There are three ways of accessing the results.

  • You can access the website directly at
  • Alternatively text a message with just your last name and acbl number to (312)800-1790.
  • The third way is to send an email to with your acbl number in the subject line.
  • The site is under development and should have improvements later in the year.

Dallas NABC Update on D22 players Mar 19-30, 2014

We scan the Daily Bulletins and highlight the performance of the D22 players in the National events in Dallas.(Apologies in advance for any omissions)

  • In the Baldwin NAP A, Alex Kolesnik and Phil Clayton finished 11th. In the NAP B, Om Chokriwala & Neal Kleiner finished 10th. In the NAP C, Neil Chua & Winston Chang finished 12th.
  • In the Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs, the following D22 players placed: 23rd Marjorie Michelin & Lynn Feldman; 37th Steve & Kitty Cooper, 45th Mark Itabashi & Jon King.
  • In the Lebhar IMP Pairs, 36th was Marjorie Michelin & Howard Parker, 39th Ellis Feigenbaum & Steve Mager, 44th Shoichi Yoshihiro & Weishu Wu, 50th Jay & Linda Tipton.
  • In the Silodor Pairs, the following D22 players placed: 7th, Ross Grabel & Howard Weinstein, 30th Mark Itabashi & Chris Larsen, 47th Suresh Mahajan & Franklin Lowenthal
  • In the Whitehead Women's Pairs, 3rd, Lynne Feldman & Kitty Cooper, 4th, Maritha Pottenger & Prudence Saunders
  • Rockwell Mixed Pairs 6th Steve & Kitty Cooper, 39th Jay & Linda Tipton
  • Red Ribbon Pairs 5th Steven & Yann Jackson, 10th Om Chokriwala & Neal Kleiner, 33th Barbara Hopwell & Ilene Grabel
  • In the 0-10,000 Swiss Teams, 9th was Paul Darin, Lesley Davis, Maritha Pottenger, & Norman Schwartz, 13th was David Anding & his team, 17th/18th was Suresh Mahajan, Franklin Lowenthal, Rai Osborne, Phil Clayton, & Robert Ng.
  • Jacoby Open Swiss Ross Grabel and his team finished 3rd
  • Machlin Women's Swiss Lynne Feldman, Kitty Cooper and their team finished 5th
  • For more detailed information, please visit the Dallas NABC website and go to the daily bulletins.

    Pacific Southwest Regional

    Also known as the San Diego Regional, this event will be held April 14-20, 2014 at the Town and Country Resort Hotel. It is held during Easter each year and Easter occurs late this year! San Diego is a World Class destination due to its excellent climate, beaches, world renowned Zoo, plentiful restaurants and shopping! There will be outstanding programs for newcomers, intermediates, and advanced players so plan on coming. For complete information, visit the Tournament for details. District 22 will again be showing off its new tables, table markers, boards, cards, stanchions, and supplies as in Palm Springs.

    Platinum Life Master

    Last month, the Grand Life Masters in D22 were featured. This month we will feature the Platinum Life Masters. To achieve the Platinum Life Master rank in ACBL, players must have over 10,000 masterpoints and >2000 colored point requirements, including >750 Gold and >100 Platinum. There are now 10 Platinum Life Masters in the D22 area, listed alphabetically below. Some of these will be future Grand Life Masters and all of them will likely be in San Diego for the Regional in April. So if you want to play against any of these Platinum or Grand Life Masters (from last month's list), come to San Diego to play against one of these bridge legends!

    • Lowell Andrews, Huntington Bch, CA
    • Roger Doughman, San Diego CA
    • Timothy Flaherty, San Diego CA
    • Alan Gailfus, Carlsbad, CA
    • Debbie Gailfus, Carlsbad, CA
    • Joel Hoersch, Santee CA
    • Lena Jelusich, San Diego CA
    • Ken Monzingo, San Diego
    • Charlotte Sturm, Fullerton CA
    • Yas Takeda, Hacienda Hgts CA



Full House | Mike Yuen

Over the weekend at the Vancouver Fall Sectional our unit master point races were decided. The winner of the Phil Wood Trophy (by the player who won the most points at this year’s unit sectionals) was Brad Bart. Brad won in style, when on Friday he and Michael Dimich won the Ev Hodge Charity Classic. […]

Terima Kasih | Mike Yuen

The Canadian Senior Team would like to thank our supporters for their generosity. The Canadian Bridge Federation, Ron Zambonini, District 19, Unit 166, Unit 192, Unit 430 and all who took part in the fundraising in Vancouver. We also like to thanks Eric Kokish and Beverly Kraft for their coaching support. Personally I like to […]

Bali Day 7. | Mike Yuen

Final day of the round robin and we still had an outside chance of making the KO if we get about 45 VPs from the three matches. We play USA1 0.48-19.52 VPs. Next up Chinese Taipei 15-5 VPs then New Zealand 6.94-13.04 VPs. Unfortunately it is all over for us, we missed the KO. Our […]

NYT Bridge Feeds

Jordan Chodorow and Karen Allison Play at Bridge Base Online

The diagramed deal was played during a pair game at Bridge Base Online.

Silodor Open Pairs at the Spring Nationals

At the Spring Nationals in Dallas last month, the Silodor Open Pairs was won by John Diamond of Boca Raton, Fla., and Geoff Hampson of Las Vegas.