Las Vegas NABC July 17-27, 2014

The summer NABC will be held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, previously the Las Vegas Hilton. Join us at the Opening Reception on Friday July 18 which will feature "Elvis" as ACBL welcomes you to the Summer NABC beginning after the evening game until 1:00 am. Don't miss this event of fun, food, drinks, and dancing with the "King"!

To brush up on your game, Mathew Kidd, President of Unit 526 in La Jolla, has provided a list of suggested readings and books at the Unit website suggested books

He also provides an excellent review of "The Rodwell Files",one of the best books that has been published in recent years Rodwell Files



The Aces on Bridge: Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 | Bobby Wolff

A habitation giddy and unsureHath he that buildeth on the vulgar heart. William Shakespeare South North East-West ♠ 9 8 2 ♥ K 10 4 ♦ 9 8 5 ♣ A 10 3 2 West East ♠ A 10 5 4 3 ♥ 7 6 ♦ A 7 ♣ Q 7 5 4 ♠ Q J 6 ♥ 5 3 2 ♦ Q J 6 4 […]

The Aces on Bridge: Monday, July 7th, 2014 | Bobby Wolff

If it weren't for greed, intolerance, hate, passion and murder, you would have no works of art, no great buildings, no medical science, no Mozart, no Van Gogh, no Muppets and no Louis Armstrong. Jasper Fforde South North Both ♠ 8 6 4 ♥ K J 7 5 ♦ 8 6 2 ♣ J 10 4 West East ♠ K […]

The Aces on Bridge: Sunday, July 6th, 2014 | Bobby Wolff

Playing pairs, and holding ♠ Q-10-7-4-3, ♥ Q-5, ♦ A-5, ♣ K-10-8-3, I heard my LHO open one diamond, raised to two diamonds by my RHO. Should my decision to bid depend on whether the response is inverted (guaranteeing a limit raise or better) or weak? And if I do bid, would it be right to introduce a weak […]

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Grand National Teams Reach the Final

The 64-board final of the Grand National Teams took place between District 9 (Florida) and District 21 (Northern California and part of Northern Nevada).

A Bridge Deal From the Spingold Knockout Teams

The Spingold Knockout Teams is the premier event at the Summer North American Championships taking place in Las Vegas.