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GNT Reminder

GNT "A" and "C" sections will hold their D22 Finals on May 30-31, all at the beautiful Dana Point Club

The Open and B Flights have finished their competition. Click on the GNT link above right to see the winners.

Open Letter to D22 Youth Members

David Lodge, President

219 Loch Lomond

Rancho Mirage, CA 92270


April 15, 2015

Dear ACBL District 22 Youth Member:

The 2015 Youth NABC will be held in Chicago, Illinois on August 6-8. This national 3 day event is a wonderful opportunity for you to compete with your fellow youth members from other states and foreign countries. Additional information about the YNABC can be found at .

Your District 22 Board of Directors would like to encourage you to participate in the YNABC, and will provide a $200.00 stipend for the first five youth members who apply. Additionally, District 22 will provide a $100.00 stipend to the next five applicants.  To qualify for the stipend youth members must compete in a minimum of three scheduled events.

To be eligible for the stipend prospective applicants must meet the following requirements:

Be a member of good standing with ACBLBe registered with the Education office at ACBL by June 15

Complete and send the Stipend Application by July 7 to

Name:  Nancy Erickson

Address: 37805 Thurne Street, Indio, CA 92203

Phone No. and Fax No. 760-200-0265  please call before faxing


Finally, Nancy and Iwill be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I hope see you in Chicago.


David Lodge

David Lodge, President District 22 ACBL

Pacific Southwest (SD) Regional

Mar 30 to Apr 5, 2015

D22 again held its Pacific Southwest Regional at the Town & Country Hotel, within walking distance to a large shopping center, with plentiful restaurants of all kinds located nearby. We had almost 2000 tables for the week, a little down from last year, but still one of the top Regionals anywhere.

Everyone enjoyed the daily hospitality with lots of candy, some breakfast pastry and that all important coffee! On Friday, there was clam chowder and chili and on Saturday, a hospitality was held with drinks and snacks. Lots of Gold points were awarded, along with nice section top awards, a T-shirt with a new sea horse logo was one of the prizes. Several players attained the Life Master status--Norma Zimmerman of Laguna Woods, Sue Ehrhardt, Jane McGill, & Michael Kole, of San Diego. Congratulations to ALL!

The Tournament staff -- Chairperson--Bill Grant, Daily Bulletin--Ken Monzingo, I/N Program--Maritha Pottenger, Caddie Chairperson--Marge van Hemmert, Hospitality--Marty Roth, Lamya Agelides, Scott Nelson, Mimi Anderson, Vi Breckenridge, Partnership--Jim & Shay Andrews.

Tournament Directors - Gary Zeiger(DIC), Nancy Boyd, Scott Campbell, Arleen Harvey, Jean Molnar, Peter Knee, Dianne Barton-Paine, Eric Bell, Brandon Sheumaker.

Maritha's I/N Programs -- play free with a mentor, "Ask the Expert" desk, and her array of celebrity guest speakers including John Mohan, Marjorie Michelin, David Abelow, Robert Todd, Chris Moll,Gary Mollenkopf, Kitty Cooper, Becky Rogers, Paul Darin, Paul Foster, and Donna & Chris Compton.

Musical performances by Nate McCay, Melanie Bruce & David Andrews, Sheila Latus, Steve Sturm, Charlotte Sturm, Sam Jordan & Bill Grant. Music Director Joel Hoersch.

Results - All the results of the game were posted on Jay Whipple's FastResults shortly after the conclusion of the game. You can access the results and Daily Bulletin at the D22 website and clicking on the tab "Regional Results".

Bidding Screens - The Pacific Southwest Regional has the Finals of Bracket I and II KOs behind bidding screens, just like national and international team events. The players who had never played behind bidding screens were thrilled and those that still had not played behind screens were envious and wanting to play more KOs at D22 Regionals! The popular Fri IMP pairs and Sunday Bracketted BCD Swiss were back again. Each bracketted BCD Swiss flight awards gold points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

New playing cards - D22 has purchased new plastic playing cards for duplicate. Some of the older playing cards used for team events are being replaced by new plastic cards. Players who discovered older, sticky playing cards are requested to ask for a new deck. Celebrity Players - As of the end of Sat, the total matchpoints received by the top 5 players read like a list of who's who in bridge. Mike Passell, Geoff Hampson, Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein, Marc Jacobus. Just as in Riverside, SD is a popular Regional attended by many of the top players including numerous Grand Life Masters both outside and inside D22 a

New Co-Chair - Congratulations to Lamya Agelides who was named Co-Chair along with Bill Grant for next year Thank you ALL for a job well done!



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