Youth Stipend For Toronto Nationals

The 2017 Youth NABC will be held in Toronto, Canada on July 27-29, 2017. This national 3 day event is a wonderful opportunity for you to compete with your fellow youth members from other states and foreign countries.

For further information see the letter from Bill Grant and the scholarship application form prepared by Nancy Erickson.

GNT Results

Open Flight Winners

Leo Bell, Warren Cederborg, Jay Helekar, AAron Jones

A Flight Winners

Jay Helekar, Xiao-Yan Gong, Sudheer Helekar, Weishu Wu

B Flight Winners

Sherman Gao, Shailesh Gupta, Harvey Jaffe, Kenny Pan, Dustin Stout

C Flight Winners

Dennis Berg, Arthur Levine, Dawn Ligon, David Roe

See GNT link above for more info

Pacific Southwest (SD) Regional

D22 again held its Pacific Southwest Regional at the Town & Country Hotel, within walking distance to a large shopping center, with plentiful restaurants of all kinds located nearby. We had an increase in table count from 1695 in 2016 to 1794 in 2017, as expected, since it was not close to the Spring NABC in Kansas City.

Everyone enjoyed the daily hospitality with lots of candy, and that all important coffee! On Saturday, a hospitality was held with drinks and snacks. Lots of Gold points were awarded, along with nice section top awards, a T-shirt, Mason jug glasses and flashlights were some of the prizes.

The Tournament staff - Co-Chairperson-Bill Grant and Lamya Agelidis, Daily Bulletin-Ken Monzingo, Caddie Chairperson-Marge van Hemert, Hospitality-Kathy Bryne & the 5 Units of San Diego County, Disciplinary Chair-Sebastian Holsclaw, Partnership-Jim & Shay Andrews,

Tournament Directors - Gary Zeiger(DIC), Daine Barton-Paine, Eric Bell, Scott Campbell, Patty Holmes, Arleen Harvey, Ken Horwedel, Peter Knee, and Brandon Sheumaker

The I/N Program included play free with a mentor, "Ask the Expert" desk, and the array of celebrity guest speakers including Norman Schwartz, Marjorie Michelin, David Abelow, Joel Hoersch, Henri Fahri, Gary Mollenkopf, Kitty Cooper, Paul Foster, Robert Todd, Donna Compton, and Paul Darin

The Mentors include David Abelow, Freda Anderson, Kathee Angione, Bill Bartley, George Bessinger, Kathee Bessinger, Bette Cornelius, Dan Dayani, Henri Fahri, Bill Grant, Tom Herzog, John Lagodimos, Sam Madison, Gary Mollenkopf, Kathy Moyer, Fred Parker, Norman Schwarz

Thank you ALL for a job well done! Results - All the results of the game were posted on ACBL "Live" and FastResults shortly after the conclusion of the game. You can access the results and Daily Bulletin at the D22 website and going to "Regional Results" or by going to

Bidding Screens - The Pacific Southwest Regional has the Finals of Brackett I and II KOs behind bidding screens, just like national and international team events. Because the District has 4 screens, the Brackett I KO semi-final could also be played behind screens. The popular Fri IMP pairs, Mon and Thursday 2-session Swiss, and Sunday Bracketted BCD Swiss were back again. Each bracketted BCD Swiss flight awards gold points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place