Orange County Regional - Be sure to plan to attend the Orange County Regional Sep 1-7 at the Hotel Irvine Jamboree Center (same location as former Hyatt). Lots of fun, points, prizes, and socializing with fellow bridge players!

North American Pairs - Also the D22 North American Pairs finals will be held on Saturday Sep 6 at the Hotel Irvine during the OC Regional. This will be a 2 session event with the top 3 pairs in each section A, B, and C receiving financial subsidies and representing D22 in the Spring NABC in New Orleans in March, 2015. Qualifying continues until the end of this month. Please check with your clubs to see if you have qualified. Once qualified, no pre-registration is necessary.

Youth NABC, Las Vegas!
By: Luke and Jake Williams

You know the saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well, we hope it doesn't apply to bridge because we're going to share our trip and experience with you now. We are Luke and Jake Williams, brothers, friends, and bridge partners for life. We are ages 13 and 16, and recently played bridge at the Youth Nationals in Las Vegas, accompanied by our grandparents. In 2010, our grandparents taught us to play bridge over the summer, and it has changed our lives in great way.

Going to the Youth National was a great experience as we got to meet a lot of youth players and catch up with players we met at last year's Atlanta Youth Nationals. The events take place over three days, and are located in the same hotel as the regular National. The first day we played a one-session pairs game and found another pair to play Swiss in the afternoon. We also played with them on the National Youth Swiss and finished a very successful 6th place.

The main attraction was the Baron Barclay Youth National Open Pairs. The winning pair would each receive a $1,000 dollar scholarship. In the first session, we qualified for the finals and came in 3rd in the final session, giving us a two-session finish of 5th overall. The scholarship eluded us, but we got a treasure of gold points! In addition, we also got to play a few events in the regular NABC. We played in a side game, and the Sunday Stratified Swiss with our grandparents and our team finished 2nd in our stratification!

Going to Vegas was a special experience of its own. We toured many different sites with our grandparents. We got to see the dancing water at the Bellagio Hotel, as well as the cool volcano show at the Mirage Hotel. We ate dinner every night at our Grandma's favorite restaurant, the Grand Lux Cafe. This trip was a great time to bond with each other and our grandparents. We had a fun and successful time playing bridge, and enjoyed seeing Las Vegas and trying new delicious foods. Best of all, we had a great time with our grandparents, and have a memory that will last forever.

Even if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, maybe now and then the stories do leak out!



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