Ventura Regional 10/27-11/2

Don't Forget the upcoming Regional. The management of D22's Annual Halloween Regional encourage players from coast cities to take Amtrak to the site of the tournament. There is no traffic to deal with, and the scenery is spectacular. We've arranged with Skyline Cab Company for a taxi to be waiting at the train station. Just call 805-500-3066 and let them know what day and time you will be arriving at the Oxnard or Ventura Stations.

We will reimburse the cab fare with tournament food coupons.

Ventura Regional Bootcamp

Sessions Tues-Sat are 10 am and 3 pm, 7:30pm.

Again this year, there will be a bridge boot camp in Ventura all week by Maritha Pottenger - ALL FREE!

Monday Oct 27 - FREE Lesson at 11 am. FREE Reception for Intermediate/Newcomer players with a coupon for a light lunch and home-made cookies at 1 pm.

Tue-Sat Oct 28-Nov 1 :

  • FREE Teaching hands with Maritha at 9 am every morning with coffee & bagels
  • FREE Ask an Expert answers to your questions after morning and afternoon sessions
  • FREE Talks by bridge celebrities and teachers between morning and afternoon sessions at 2:15 pm.
This will ensure your bridge game will improve and earn you extra masterpoints! How can you beat this??

Report on 2014-2105 NAP by John Kissinger

This year was the third year at Irvine, and the second year on a Saturday. We have been growing steadily, if slowly, since our first move to Irvine in 2012.

  • 2012: Flight A = 12 tables, Flight B = 8 tables, Flight C = 8 tables
  • 2013: Flight A = 14 tables, Flight B = 9 tables, Flight C = 8 tables
  • 2014: Flight A = 16 tables, Flight B = 10 tables, Flight C = 6 tables
So a total of 32 tables this year. Hopefully growth will continue as players become accustomed to when and where our District's premier pair event is scheduled/located.

Flight C comments

We of course should continue doing what we can to boost flight C attendance. Perhaps representatives from the Palm Springs area, where a number of juniors play, will help get out the word. Perhaps two pairs might car pool together? Similarly, how about our areas to the north? Again, four people in a car is cheaper and friendlier. There would be lots of hands to discuss on the way home. While the district can and should do more to boost flight C turnout, I think there is an intrinsic problem. I have noticed that by the time players have enough experience to think they might be competitive in the district final they are approaching the master point limit; so those that do well soon graduate into flight B. There, because flight B limits are far higher, they remain for an extended period, resulting in a much better turnout in B. This means we need to focus our advertising on Flight C.

Comments from the 2014 NAP

Qualification to the National Final at the Spring National (New Orleans in 2015).

A change this year is that the fourth place finisher in flights B and C also qualify for the national final (In the league's infinite wisdom it was thought that the lower flights need an additional incentive to bring them into the District finals, but that Flight A players are already sufficiently addicted such that no such incentive was needed.) Neither the league nor the District provides any subsidy for these pairs.


We had an unfortunate snafu that delayed the start of the event. The directors were confused as to the strat limits of flight B, somehow thinking the top limit was 6000 MP which is the value for flight A in the GNT. Entries were sold placing pairs in the wrong flight. all was corrected before play began, but it was an embarrassing situation. The flyer did have the correct information. (The range for flight B was raised from 0-2000 to 0-2500 this year, possibly the change in start caused part of the confusion.) Anyway, directors should carefully check the strats prior to the event.

Flight A movement

The number of tables in A (16) is not an ideal number. Directors ran two eight-table sections with one set of boards shared between tables one and two. Play was slowed, and in some cases players were unable to complete the round on time (we lost a board during the first session.) Two players said there were better movements available. I am not a director and have little knowledge of movements but I do wonder why we didn't just run a 16-table Mitchell, playing two boards against each of 13 opponents, rather than playing three boards each against just eight? And then just scrambling the field and repeating for the second session? However, and particularly considering we will continue to run small fields, I have asked Jon Wright to prepare, and put into the COC, the preferred movement for a variety of small numbers of tables.

This brings up another point: I will try to have a copy of the National and District COC for the GNT and NAP events that I attend, but I think it would be useful for the directors to also have copies.

Submitted by John Kissinger


Scant reward | The Beer Card

The fourth round of the BBO InterCity League was against Aberystwyth, a team consisting of mostly Welsh internationalists and trialists. The young team played very well and would have won but for two boards, but these proved costly and we fell to a 21 IMP defeat. A poor return for a good performance.

Firstly, a problem. What is your next call and why?

The Aces on Bridge: Thursday, October 9th, 2014 | Bobby Wolff

The last thing one knows in constructing a work is what to put first. Blaise Pascal South North Both ♠ A K J 9 ♥ 8 5 ♦ 7 2 ♣ J 9 7 6 2 West East ♠ 10 6 5 3 ♥ 9 2 ♦ Q 10 6 4 ♣ 10 4 3 ♠ Q 8 2 ♥ K Q 7 3 ♦ 9 […]

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ANOTHER NEARLY TRUE Bridgemeister Gibson

Poor old George. Always down at the club every night, he was the eternal optimist. Not once did he wai

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At the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series in Sanya, China, the main team events have reached the finals.

Red Bull Mixed Pairs at World Championships

The Red Bull Mixed Pairs at the world championships in Sanya, China, was won on Friday by Kerri Sanborn of Delray Beach, Fla., and Jie Zhao, known as Jack.