Orange County Regional

The Orange County Regional will be held during the week of September 5-11, 2016 at the Hotel Irvine. This is a very nice venue in an attractive area with many nice local restaurants. The tournament kicks off the week with the popular Monday gold point Compact Knockout Teams at 3:00 & 7:30 p.m. A new two-session Bracketed Swiss Teams event has been added on Thursday. This midweek, bracketed Swiss with small brackets, has been very popular at other regionals. The District 22 NAP Finals for all flights will be held on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Starting times are 10:30 a.m. & 3:15 p.m. except Monday. If you need a partner or teammates, try the online partnership desk on the website. The Intermediate/Newcomer program includes a full schedule of expert speakers. We look forward to seeing you at the Orange County Regional.

D22 Players at the Summer NABC

Perhaps the highlight of this NABC were the penalties announced on the alleged cheaters. These were reported in the Daily Bulletins and ACBL deserve kudos for taking bold action to maintain the integrity of the game.

Highlights of notable performances by D22 players are shown below. The full results can be viewed by going to the Daily Bulletins on the website


Both the B and C teams were 2nd in their respective events. Congratulations!

B Team Ian Wilson, Gregory Thorpe, Steve Hirsch, Joseph Mack

C Team - 2nd Winston Chang, Neil Ogura, Kenny Pan, Wayne Gorski, Joe Garcia

Open Team - lost in qualifying 1st round

A Team - lost in Quarterfinals

Baron Barclay Pairs--Youth

10th Luke & Jake Williams (they also teamed up with their grand-parents Larry & Barbara Hauser and won a Swiss BCD event)

0-1500 mini-Spingold Teams

2nd Winston Chang, Frank Lin, Kenny Pan, Wayne Gorski, Joe Garcia

0-1500 Pairs

18th - Christine Denny & G Thomas Rush

0-5000 Pairs

11th - Joseph Viola &; Gerard Geremia

14th - Henri Harhi &; Norman Schwartz

18th - Bo Liu &; Somers Collins

0-10000 Pairs

17th Andrew Loh & Mac Busby

34th John & Susan Kissinger

LM Pairs

23rd Peter Weichsel & Bob Hamman

37th Ross Grabel & Mark Itabashi

Wernher Open Pairs

3rd Rick Roeder & John Jones

13th Bart Bramley & Ross Grabel

Freeman Mixed BAM

19th John & Susan Kissinger, Dave Smith, Sandy McCay

Senior Swiss

5th - Marjorie Michelin & Team

9th - Lynne Feldman, Peter Rank, Rick Roeder, John Jones

17th Ken Monzingo & Team

0-10K Mixed Swiss

4th - Alex Fowlie, Mickie Kivel, Robert & Ellen Kent

8th - Maritha Pottenger, Paul Darin, Henri Farhi, Kit Humphrey