North American Pairs

The D22 North American Pairs will be held on Saturday, Sep 6 at the OC Regional in Irvine. This will be a 2 session event with the top 3 pairs in each section A, B, and C representing D22 in the Spring NABC in New Orleans, March, 2015. Qualifying continues until the end of this month. Please check with your clubs to see if you have qualified. Once you have qualified, no pre-registration is necessary

Las Vegas NABC July 17-27, 2014

The summer NABC was be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, next to the Westgate Resort and Casino, previously the Las Vegas Hilton. There were nightly entertainment, snacks, and a central area very convenient for socializing after an enjoyable day of bridge. There were over 16,600 tables played during the week and well run by our very experienced Tournament Chair Bonnie Bagley and Co-Chair Ken Monzingo. All attendees that registered received a polo shirt, a bag, and an Ethel M. chocolate bar. Kudos to Bonnie and Ken!

The Partnership desk was coordinated by Jim and Shay Andrews and the I/N desk was coordinated by Maritha Pottenger and Marc Matz.

Our D22 GNT Teams did not fare as well this year. Our Open flight, B, and C Teams made it through the preliminary round but lost in the first round of the 16 Teams that qualified. Our A Team did not make it past the preliminary round.

The Team of Janice & Terry Randles, James Weeks, & Neil Sturm did make it to the quarter final round of the 0-5000 Mini-Spingold.

The Team captained by Om Chokriwala won the 0-1500 Mini-Spingold.

In the Truscott/USPC Senior Swiss Teams, Warren Cedorborg and his team came in 1st. Warren is on his way to becoming a Grand Life Master soon. Alan Gailfus and his team finished 9th, Marjorie Michelin and her team finished 14th, John Swanson and his team 22nd, Jay & Linda Tipton and their team finished 36th

In the Freeman Mixed Board-a-Match Teams, Jason Feldman’s team finished 8th, Marjorie Michelin and her team finished 11th, John & Susan Kissinger teamed up with Jay & Linda Tipton and came in 23rd.

Joe Houde & Ron Kay won the LM 0-5000 pairs. Jacob Weisberg & Roman Matusek was 18th, Wayne Karson & Harvey Katz was 19th, Jon King & Jon Sutcliffe was 40th

In the Von Zedtwitz LM pairs, Mark Itabashi & Ross Grable was 59th, Bo Liu & Weidong Pei was 63rd, David Oakley & Sam Madison-Jamaal was 76th, and John Swanson & James Tritt was 81st.

In the 0-10,000 pairs, Steve Bruno & Ray Loftis was 5th, Norman Schwartz & Mark Perlmutter was 8th and Susan & John Kissinger were 30th

In the NABC+ Fast Pairs, Phil Hiestand & Shoichi Yoshihiro was 3rd, Aaron Jones & Phil Clayton was 36th, Jeff Goldsmith & Alex Kolesnik was 37th, and Debbie & Alan Gailfus was 45th.

In the intercollegiate Championships, UC Berkeley won with U. of North Carolina 2nd.

In the Youth group, Luke and Jake Williams came in 5th in the Baron Barclay National Youth Open Pairs and teamed up with another pair and came in 6th in the National Youth Swiss Teams.

Congratulations to ALL!

Tournament Co-Chair at the beginning of the NABC

Tournament Co-Chair at the end of the NABC after celebrating his 75th birthday!



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The good news is that you cannot do worse than us on these problems.

Partner's two diamonds opener shows a six-card major at this vulnerability with 3-9 points. The double shows 12-15 balanced or a very strong hand.

Your systemic options at this point are: (a) pass, asking partner to pass two diamonds doubled if he has three or more

NYT Bridge Feeds

World Youth Teams Championships Unfold

At the 15th World Youth Teams Championships, the final of the inaugural Kids Championship (under age 15) will be played Monday between France and Poland.

15th World Youth Teams Championships

The 15th World Youth Teams Championships began in Istanbul on Thursday and will end next Saturday. Fifty-eight teams from the six main continents are competing.