Riverside Regional

The Riverside Regional will be held February 1 to February 7, 2015. The playing site is the newly renovated Riverside Convention center. The two hotels associated with the tournament are offering good rates, but they will fill up. The convention center is within easy walking distance to numerous restaurants and a lovely downtown area.

0-750 NLM Palm Springs Regional

This new nlm tournament was held at the Palm Springs Pavilion January 21-24. The attendance was very good with 452 tables in play over 4 days. For more information, see NLM Palm Springs Regional.

New District 22 Officers

New Officers were elected at the Palm Springs District 22 Board Meeting. The new officers are:

  • President: Bill Grant
  • Vice President: Andy Loh
  • Treasurer: David Lodge
  • Secretary: Jim Parks
  • The officers typically serve a one year term, although David has been both President and Treasurer for the past two years. The District members owe David an exceptional thank you for the extra-ordinary effort he has given us these past two years.

    2015 Palm Springs Regional

    Palm Springs had another huge crowd, with bridge players parking at the edges of the resort and taking the golf shuttle to the playing area. We had 3876 tables, an increase of 75 tables over 2014! Kudos to the hotel staff as there were golf carts everywhere, ready to transport players.

    For ten straight years, since the move to the Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa, the regional has bettered the 3000 table mark, and 2015 was the third largest ever. The final total of 3876 placed Palm Springs a solid second overall in the country behind only Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

    Congratulations to Nancy Erickson, co-chairman, and to the Unit 533 staff and volunteers.

    Top 2015 Regional Attendance:

    1. Gatlinburg (D7) April 8,649
    2. Palm Springs (D22) Dec 3,876
    3. Atlanta (D7) Labor Day 3,161
    4. Palmetto (D9) Feb 3,148
    5. Houston (D16) Jan 3,103
    6. Las Vegas (D17) June 3,062

    Kudos also to the Floor Manager Scott Magged, Director-in-charge Gary Zeiger & his staff, Speakers & I/N Program Chair Maritha Pottenger & her wonderful speakers, Caddie Master Leslie Heid & her staff, and all the other numerous volunteers! Volunteers were everywhere on the resort, ready to answer any questions player have.

    If you won an event, not only did you receive a prize and have your photo taken, you also received a printed photo for you to take home....this is a nice touch! Go to the link to see the PS survey results and you can see why this continues to be a top rated Regional! D22 also honored its new Goodwill members and held its annual "ACBL Presidential Passing of the Gavel Ceremony". This year was special as our own Ken Monzingo will be ACBL President for 2016. The 2015 ACBL President Suzi Subeck, presented the symbolic gavel to Monzingo. Congratulations! The D22 NAP finals for A, B, and C were held at the Orange County Regional. D22 had planned a second D22 NAP finals for B and C, hoping to entice more players unable to go to the OC Regional, to compete at Palm Springs. There were insufficient entries for a competition so it was cancelled. Since no game occurred at Palm Springs, the top four finishers in B and C at Irvine, and or alternates that played and finished at that venue, will represent D22 in Reno. D22 will provide a subsidy. Congratulations to ALL!

    2016 GNT

    The Grand National Teams finals will be held April 2-3 for the Open flight and flight B. The dates for flights A and C are May 21-22.

    D22 Area III Representatives

    District 22 is one of 25 Districts within ACBL and consists of about 7000 members. D22 consists of most of Southern California (except the Los Angeles area which is District 23) including Ventura and inland up to Visalia, California.

    The D22 Board of Directors consists of two volunteer representatives from each of four areas and one representative to the National ACBL Board for a total of nine persons. The Board oversees the five Regionals held each year in District 22 (Riverside, San Diego, Orange County, Ventura, and Palm Springs).

    Bill Grant and Andy Loh represent the San Diego area and serve on the Board of District 22 of ACBL. The San Diego area has 5 Units, each with its own Board and oversees the Sectional Tournaments and Unit games. The current Presidents are listed below with a brief background.

    ACBL District 22 consists of four areas with roughly equal population. Area III is San Diego County. Below, find a brief Bio of the presidents of the five units in Area III. Other Areas will be highlighted later.


    John Dusharme, President Unit 519, Coronado/Eastlake

    John has a Bachelor Degree in Spanish and Athletic Coaching at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and completed two Master degrees, School Administration and Special Education, at San Diego State University. He has enjoyed 39 years as an educator at various levels, serving as a teacher in grades K-6, program manager and part-time principal, directed programs for under-achieving students, instructed at Southwestern College, and served as a member of staff development teams while assigned to the offices of the Chula Vista Elementary School District and the San Diego County Office of Education. He and his wife of 39 years, Linda, have two adult children, Mark and Michelle. Upon retiring, he began to play duplicate bridge again at Eastlake Bridge club. After several years, he was asked to be the tournament chair for our Sectional tournament held in October. Three years later, he was elected President of Unit 519. In the last several years he has attained Life Master status, along with my wife and bridge partner Linda, worked on Regional Hospitality and Partnership Desks, and worked at the National Partnership Desk in Las Vegas. My latest interest is enlisting youths at elementary and secondary schools to learn and play bridge, as well as recruiting adults to join our local clubs.


    Mathew Kidd, President Unit 526, La Jolla

    Matthew is a cosmic ray physicist who switched to bioinformatics in 1997, working for two startups. He has been playing bridge on and off since 1986 but much more so since moving to San Diego in 2004. He maintains the La Jolla unit websiteand has written the ACBLmerge, Lead Solver, and Payoff Matrix software programs. ACBLmerge is an important component of both Bridge Results and Fast Results. Matthew has been active in the bridge teaching at La Jolla High for six years. Away from the table you can find him skiing or hiking with John Strauch and friends. At or away from the table, he'll have his camera.


    Rick Norton, President Unit 531, North San Diego County Coastal

    Rick served in the USAF, is a licensed attorney in Florida and California, Partner in Norton and Grimes LLC, Judge Pro Tem (Traffic and Small Claims), and retired in 2014. He is a Gold Life Master and Tournament bridge player since 1962 (with 25 years off in the middle for work). He enjoys Chess, Volleyball, traveling, and is an avid Reader. He has been married to Shirley Norton for the past 18 years.


    Lamya Agelidis - President Unit 539, San Diego

    Lamya grew up in a bridge family, her grand-parents were avid players and so are her parents, still today. Her dad was a Middle East bridge champion in the 1970s and he has passed his passion on to her, always feeding her with words of encouragement and endless bridge articles. Bridge throughout her college days in London was fun and memorable but a full-time career in Business Process Consulting and Project Management as well as raising a family took precedence. She re-discovered duplicate bridge in Nashville a few years ago and has been hooked ever since. The superior bridge scene in San Diego helped tip the scales for relocating her retirement here 3 years ago! Being on the Board has allowed her to lead a team of fellow bridge players in re-inventing some of the processes in order to make the San Diego unit the number one choice for all its members. Always looking to be more involved, she will be co-chairing one of the most popular regionals, San Diego regional, next year, as well as being involved in making the Fall 2017 NABC the grandest ever!


    Sheila E Latus, President Unit 549, North San Diego County Inland.

    Sheila was born in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Brooklyn College with a BA in Biology. She received a Master of Arts in Library Science from Immaculate College in Los Angeles. Sheila and Rex have been married for 47 years. They moved to San Diego in 1972 when Rex was offered a job at NCR in Rancho Bernardo. One child, a boy, married, father of a little girl is now living in New Jersey. Sheila worked at Kaiser Hospital as a Medical Librarian for 33 years before retiring in 2004. Sheila avoided playing bridge while in college, but began playing duplicate shortly after moving to San Diego as a way of meeting people. Came in second overall in 1976 at a four session National Woman's pairs with a pick-up partner.

    Bridge is Good for You!

    See the article in the AARP Bulletin Bridge for Brain Health



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