Ventura Regional

The Ventura Regional is scheduled for October 30-November 5, 2017. It will be held at the Ventura Beach at 2055 East Harbor Boulevard, Ventura, 93001. Highlights of Ventura Regional

San Diego Nationals

November 23 - December 3

The Fall Nationals for 2017 willl be held in San Diego

Tournament website

Palm Springs Regional

The Palm Springs Regional is scheduled for December 11-December 17, 2017. It will be held at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort. Among the events will be an extensive program for intermediate and novice players. See Palm Springs Boot Camp

Palm Springs Non Life Masters

The NLM will be held January 18-21

Riverside Regional

The Riverside Regional will be held January 29-Febrauary 4, 2018.

Western Conference Update

Background Information

Prepared by David Lodge, D22 Treasurer and Ron Lien D22 representative to the Western Conference.

The Western Conference (WC) has for the last several years been composed of Districts 17, 21 and 22. The primary function of the WC is to publish the Forum. In 2016 the WC created a Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC) to look into the WC finances and make recommendations that might result in stemming this continuing tide of losses. The BRC concluded that the most optimum way to reduce losses was to focus on the cost structure of the Forum. They informally surveyed 500 to 700 players of all levels in all three districts.

In June, representatives of the BRC met with the WC and presented the findings of the BRC which basically called for the Forum to continue, but with significant quantities of printed issues eliminated and delivered via email to an online version. No action was taken by the WC at that point. In July, District 17 (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, etc.) voted to leave the WC. There was no response by the WC to D17's letter of withdrawal. Bylaws of the WC require a nine-month notice, so D17's final withdrawal will not be effective until April 2018.

Bill Grant, president of D22 received a copy of D17's decision, and being concerned about how that decision would affect us, sent an inquiry to the WC requesting feedback. That communication received no response. At the D22 Board of Directors meeting on September 8, a vigorous conversation about this issue took place. Given the urgency of the matter, knowing that with the withdrawal of D17, D22's costs could only go up and given the lack of any information from the WC about any alternative steps, it was decided that we would be withdrawing effective as of the end of the nine-month waiting period. It was also decided that swift action by the WC to rectify the financial situation would go a long way toward a reconsideration vote.

On September 13, Grant emailed Warren Cederborg, president of the WC, stating that the D22 board is strongly desirous of the continuation of the WC and the Forum, but that the fiduciary responsibility of the D22 board to its 7,000+ members is to ensure that D22 funds are not unwisely spent. To date, there has been no response to that email.

Letter from Bill Grant, District 22 President to WC

September 13, 2017

Dear Western Conference and District 17 and 21 leaders:

In our September 8 meeting in Costa Mesa, the District 22 Board of Directors passed a motion to withdraw from the Western Conference, effective per contract in 9 months. The passage was hotly contested and not unanimous (6-3), but three factors weighed heavily in the decision:

  1. We as a District have to watch carefully our financial position. In 2014 we began operating in the red. At the end of 2016 we began to reverse that position with a hike in regional entry fees, but the contracts with our host hotels in the next few years look troublesome.
  2. Still financial--we are concerned that despite requests, we have been given no guidance from the WC as to the impact D17's withdrawal in June will have on us.
  3. We and our members value the monthly Forum very, very highly, but--again--we need facts and guidance as to the possible financial reprieve of the 50% or 75% Hybrid Delivery options recommended by your own Blue Ribbon Committee, or even other approaches such as enclosing the Forum in the Bulletin, delivery of papers at clubs, mailing only to members who opt in for extra charges, total digitality, etc.

None of our board members were happy about our withdrawal action, and we truly hope some agreement can be reached allowing the three WC districts to continue our Forum and STAC activities successfully.


Bill Grant

President D22 ACBL

Orange County Regional

2017 Orange County Regional, Irvine, CA Sep 5-11, 2017

Attendence through Sun was 1,777 tables, down from 1,848 last year, a decrease of 3.85%. Better than national average. The tournament was held at the Hilton Costa Mesa.

Kudos to the Tournament Managers-Ron Lien and co-Chair Robert Micone, Director-in-charge-Arleen Harvey & her staff, Speakers & I/N Program Chair-Majorie Michelin & her wonderful speakers, Caddie Master-Estrella Cortes & her staff, and all the other volunteers!

The commemorative tribute trophy for the beloved Orange County expert/teacher, Chris Larsen, was displayed in the playing area. This was awarded to Aaron Jones as the highest masterpoint total for the 2017 OC Regional...Congratulations! The NAP winners for each flight will be reported on the D22 website on a separate tab Congratulations to ALL!

Results - All the results of the game were posted on FastResults shortly after the conclusion of the game. You can access the results and Daily Bulletin at the D22 website and going to "Regional Results" tab on the left.

Toronto Nationals July 2017

Many D22 Players had good showings at the Nationals. Our District 22 vice-president, Andy Loh, has prepared a list of the top finishers from our District. Andy's Report

The ACBL staff has compiled a list of masterpoints won by D22 members. ACBL D22 Masterpoint list for Toronto