Las Vegas NABC July 17-27, 2014

The summer NABC will be held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, previously the Las Vegas Hilton. Join us at the Opening Reception on Friday July 18 which will feature "Elvis" as ACBL welcomes you to the Summer NABC beginning after the evening game until 1:00 am. Don't miss this event of fun, food, drinks, and dancing with the "King"!

To brush up on your game, Mathew Kidd, President of Unit 526 in La Jolla, has provided a list of suggested readings and books at the Unit website suggested books

He also provides an excellent review of "The Rodwell Files",one of the best books that has been published in recent years Rodwell Files



Duplicate Bridge Drop-Outs, Part II | Maggy Simony

July 24, 2014 “Seriously Social” bridge as an alternative for both Bridge Teacher’s Association teachers and duplicate drop-outs. Denise Dodd’s story out of Brisbane in Australia is living proof that giving duplicate bridge drop-outs a second chance can be good for both the drop-outs and the bridge teachers. I came across Seriously Social Bridge via […]

The Aces on Bridge: Friday, July 11th, 2014 | Bobby Wolff

While you live,Drink! — for once dead, you never shall return. Edward FitzGerald East North East-West ♠ A 5 ♥ A K 10 2 ♦ 7 3 ♣ A K J 9 4 West East ♠ Q 7 ♥ J 8 5 4 ♦ A K Q 2 ♣ Q 10 5 ♠ K J 9 8 6 4 3 ♥ 7 3 ♦ J 6 […]

Bizarre World of Bridge | Howard Bigot-Johnson

THE DAY JESUS CAME TO PLAY ........ ( The follow up nearly true story by Bridgemeister Gibson )

As the teams competition got well underway , the two old men

NYT Bridge Feeds

A Double-Digit Swing at Grand National Teams

Three big events were decided in Las Vegas on Sunday evening.

Grand National Teams Reach the Final

The 64-board final of the Grand National Teams took place between District 9 (Florida) and District 21 (Northern California and part of Northern Nevada).