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GNT District 22 Finals

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NAP District 22 Finals

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Youth Tournament in Atlanta

The 2018 YNABC will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on August 2-4, 2018 in connection with the NABC. This national 3 day event is a wonderful opportunity for you to compete with your fellow youth members from other states and foreign countries. Winners in this event are also eligible for additional scholarships. We urge you to attend this event.

Click Here for District 22 President Ron Lien's letter.

Click Here for the application to apply for the $300 scholarship.

This spring an online collegiate tournament was held and a team composed of some D22 students (Harvey Mudd) and others was 2nd in one of the divisions. They will compete in the Youth Tournament in Atlanta.

Left to right: Emma Kolesnik, Nick Koskelo, Daniel Sonner, Jake Williams

Orange County Regional

The Orange County Regional will be held at the Hilton in Costa Mesa September 3-9 2018.

Pacific Southwest Regional, March 25 - April 1, 2018

The San Diego Regional was held at the end of March. This was a well attended event with players from all over the country and some from other countries. There were 1771 tables this year, down slightly from last year's total of 1795. There were 1121 players this year and 1122 last year. The masterpoint total this year was 11979 and 11455 last year. Masterpoint inflation?

D22 Players at the Spring Nationals

Results from Spring Nationals

Two D22 Bridge Children and Families

A Grandparents and Grandchildren Bridge Story

A local pair has taken their grandchildren to National and Local tournaments for several years. We hope that their Report on bridge with grandchildren may provide inspiration to some of you.

The Kolesnik Adventures

The Kolesniks