Conventions by Mike Savage

Basic Response Structure to Strong 1NT
Meaning of 4NT after partner's minor opener and a 4M overcall
1NT Forcing
2NT resp with 1 or 2 minors
2S rebid after a 2H reverse
3S relay to 3NT to show minors
3-Way Minor Raises
4-suit Transfers revised
6 Key Roman Key Card
A way to handle Minor Suits over 1NT
Accept transfer over a dbl with no stopper
Balancing Cappelletti Hamilton
Balancing Michaels
Basic Response Structure to Strong 1NT
Continuations after partner's dbl of wk NT
2NT after partner's 2-level major: weak J-shift and a wk J-overcall
Criss-Cross Minor Raises
Def Bids After Flannery (2)
Defense Vs Michaels
Defense after 1NT 2NT (unusual)
Defensive Bidding After Wk 2
Exclusion Blackwood
Garbage Stayman
Checkback over 2NT rebid (2)
Defense after their opening 1NT (Max Hardy's favorite)
Help Suit Game Tries
Inverted Minors
Jacoby 2NT upgrade
Jacoby 2NT
Jacoby and Texas Transfers
Kickback Blackwood for clubs, diamonds and hearts
Kokish Continuations
Krury where 2C (Drury) just shows four trumps
Lebensohl vs weak 2H & 2S openers
Constructive raises of Michaels
Impossible 2S rebid by responder
Mini Roman Two Diamonds
Minor Suit Stayman
How to show 1 or 2 minor after partners 2NT
Namyats & Reverse Namyats
Negative Doubles
New Minor Forcing
"Best" Puppet Stayman, includes Smolen
Responsive Doubles
Roman Key-card - both 1430 and 3014
Run-outs over 1NT doubled
What to do after they double your partner 2C Stayman
Smolen - how to show 5/4 in the majors after partner notrump opener
Suction - a multifaceted defense after their 1NT opener
Support Double Basics
Systems on vs their Unusual 2NT after partners 1NT
Unusual vs. Unusual
Weak 2-bids (Disciplined, Descriptive or Disruptive)
Modified rebids by opener after an overcall of partner's Jacoby 2NT
XYZ - a modern replacement for New Minor
Zig-Zag Minor Raises (forcing, preemptive or 2-way invitational