The District GNT Finals will be held at 31461 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite 205, San Juan Capistrano, Ca. The finals for Flights A and C will be held April 22-23. The finals for the Open Flight and Flight B will be held March 25-26, 2017.

Entry fees are $48 per team per session. See Conditions of Contest for registration info--link at left side of this page.

2017 GNT Teams

There were five open teams, nine B teams .

Open flight:
Five teams played a round-robin.  Fourteen boards/match, four matches = 56 boards.
The top two teams qualified for the second day.

Warren Cederborg, Leo Bell, Aaron Jones. Jay Helekar
Open Flight , 1st place

Open Flight, 2nd place
Steve Sturm, Joe Kivel, Alex Fowlie, Marjorie Michelin, Ellis Feigenbaum

B Flight:

1st place, Flight B:

Shailesh Gupta, Harvey Jaffe, Kenny Pan, Sherman Gao, Dustin Stout

2nd place, Flight B: Renee Alpert, Joan Kaye, Winston Chang, Frank Lin

3rd place, Flight B:

Steven Jackson, Yann Jackson, Gary Waldron, Carol Foster